JTS014: "Sponge"




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released April 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Juniper Tree Songs Long Beach, California

Dark, Strange, Noisy, Sad, Lo-Fi Bedroom-Pop Takeover.

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Track Name: Pushpin
but its better this way cuz i dont have to see your face
crying telling me that im not worth any of your time
fuck you i dont care what you do with your stupid life
i dont. i dont. i dont need you
i..i dont. i dont. i dont want to
i guess i'll just try again with you or you or you or you or you or
countless others who are just as fucked up as i am
scared resentful hurt acting like they dont really care
but trapped again by the feelings they have now come to all share
i dont. i dont. i dont. i dont want to
i..i dont. i dont. i dont want to need you
Track Name: Advice
On the day that you die. Pleased or burdened by all of your life.
All the things that you said. The hate that you made and all your friends that are dead.
Scared cuz everyone dies, thinking of friends until you realize
All their faces are so hollow, very empty but wanting more
As heads spill all that they swallow, they long to be as full as yours
What the fuck have my eyes shown me? Sight is only for the blind (lonely)
Naïve to what you will soon be, for all your thoughts will soon be mine
On the day that you died. So unaware so unprepared to say bye.
When you lost and when you won. Remember for now cuz soon itll all be gone.
Track Name: 3 to 4 (feat. Nicole Kidman and Mimo)
im shit, im fucked with very little luck to go off of
don't feel numb
don't lie to me, it'll only hurt me not you, you fool so cruel
the words that fly away like birds
who are you? a perv? what nerve you have instinctually
blurting out "oh goddam"
but still you see me or maybe 3 and think that 4
can become "we"
instead of "us" or what it was before you became the whore
you are so far from what it was you were
someday i will know the way you think
someday everything will feel the same
someday all this will just go away
but until then i just gotta wait
Track Name: Liar (feat. Velvet Penny)
I've only got 1 chance to say this so ill make sure to speak coherently
I've only got today to get through this so ill make sure to be properly prepared for anything that could go wrong or right
theres only 1 way to say this so ill make sure to choose my words carefully
theres only 1 way to get through this but i don't know exactly what it is
theres only one way to do this the right way
you look so damn perfect please don't leave that position
you seem so damn lonesome so easy to take advantage of
you are so damn fragile and all i want is to break you to pieces
Track Name: Down...Again 3 (feat. Evelyn Quijas)
would you sit in a chair for three hours straight thinking of all the things you would never say upfront to me?
are these things all known by me or are they your secrets of how you think its been too long and youre tired of my shit? Godammit
it comes so easy now. it comes so easily
would you help me if i was sinking, about to drown?
would you fantasize about the water pulling me down?
am i important enough to halt your reverie?
or would you just turn around and forget about what youd seen?
it comes so easy now. it comes so easily.
you dont stand a chance so die. you dont make me happy anymore
Track Name: The Inevitable Death of David Beeken
brown to blue and blue to black
your eyes are sagging like your rack
holes for pupils
a shallow forgotten loophole
thinking that you look so fly
forgetting that your face's a lie
loss of all your common sense
staring through a contact lens
a stark small sound (uncompared)
a shuttered puttered shout (always shared)
a naked, noble noise (never scared)
her voluble, vocal voice (closely cared)
(this woman's hair)
my heeled craving, hypnotizing
my ankled obsession, mesmerizing
my secret love, toeing forward
the sole perversion, once sick and bored
blood, blood all over the floor
slit wrists and broken neck, hung to the door
spilt guts and open cuts, hot as the season
i never had a reason
Track Name: Stabbed
Of course I saw you skimped up and torn away
Stalking your way through just another day
As sparse as you can, with balls legs eye frigid
Red warmth all over your hand
Pulsating chasm, a breeze you’ve never felt
Quivering spasm, succumb to whats dealt
Oh to be dead and free of this
Track Name: Copper
C’mon wake up get up lets go, we’re already ten minutes late. On second thought take your time we can make those bastards wait. I know youre scared and in a lot of pain but you gotta be brave today. After all of this if you win or lose I know that youll be ok.
There’s so much we don’t know. (No you cant leave just yet.)
You can run and jump and bark and kill just about whatever you want.
If it feels real to you, then who am I to tell you that “its not(?) the end” like all they tend to say on the other days like “this(?) is going to make you feel better”
Don’t worry, go to sleep. Just lay down its so easy.
Track Name: Alia
i coulda been the guy that you really woulda liked for a week or two because i always woulda called you to ask what youre doing what youre wearing and what you ate for lunch but it would become too much and youd be like "aw, what the fuck? is he really fucking calling again? when will all this end?"
and as the weeks go by, youd probably fuck other guys cuz youd think i was kinda boring and ive got a problem snoring. when (i) you sleep id creep on down your street just to kiss you on the feet but you wouldve locked the door which would just make me want you more. oh how i wish that you knew how bad i wanna tell you that you are so special i love all your freckles.
i got all these tapes but none of them play, ive got all this hunger but you already ate, cant take any money out cuz ive only got fifty cents, so i guess that i lied about eating at Krua Thai. i guess that ill just drop you off, but seeing you was more than just enough.
Track Name: Nazi Uniform (feat. Nicole Kidman, Restaurnaut, Fatty Cakes, Damaris Paz, and Melissa Meza)
spick and span from head to toe dressed in my nazi uniform
i dont know why i chose these drapes they look at me like im insane
but they treat me like another person in their tiny little lives
even thought they know id like to see them die some day
how much will it take for you to fucking understand
i dont want your help i want you to just go away
i need you to understand one thing about me
and that is that I love (hate) you more every single day
but i need you to know that you are oblivious
to the fact that you are ugly on the inside
now they see who you are, doesnt that feel much more worse?
because now they have reason to hang on in case you kill yourself
but you promise youre done with that. the cutting and burning and the leaking blood
you dont react as much as you did before. now you figure whats the point?
are you really happy with what you are now?
done with sadness? done with what you always thought you had?
its the fear for what is coming on the nearby
its your anger with the fact that you are still changing