JTS011: "Dare to be Nothing"

by Shivering Window



"Video Store Girl" Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fno7ZTgYyWE


released October 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Juniper Tree Songs Long Beach, California

Dark, Strange, Noisy, Sad, Lo-Fi Bedroom-Pop Takeover.

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Track Name: Rabbit Masks
"Rabbit Masks"

I live in the dark
You live in the dark without me
Reflected in shards
I've got nothing but shards without you

Rabbit masks see the eyes of the pigs
And the eyes of the pigs see wolves
Look into the future
The future's gone away

The telephone
No it hasn't rung for a thousand years
In a thousand years
They'll remember us for a thousand years

Rabbit masks see the eyes of the pigs
And the eyes of the pigs see love
Look into the mirror
Can't you see you've gone away
Track Name: Video Store Girl
"Video Store Girl"

I know our stars
Are glued to the ceiling
And I know our hearts
Don't dare nothing

I'm rewinding the eyes
Of the video store girl
And she knows
Movies are our homes
And she knows
When we watch we watch alone

I know outside
It is raining
And I know I'm walking home

And she goes
With a camera to the woods
And she knows
Everybody knows

I see their cars
Are just like strange dreams
I can't go home
To hours alone
Track Name: Song in the Walls
"Song in the Walls"

I could sleep, I could sleep
I could sleep all day
Waiting for you
In a dream, in a dream you came
Lightning skull
And I saw, and I saw your brain
Where dreams are made
There's a door, there's a door in you
Don't open it

And I love and I love your eyes
Shadows on the walls
And I love and I love your hair
Shadows on the walls
And I love and I love your voice
Shadows on the walls
And I love and I love your song
Shadows on the walls

I could live for a hundred years
In the bedroom world
But the ogre king had killed off all your friends
And your family ghosts
I could wake up, smoke a cigarette and walk downtown
At the arcade all the kids still whisper about you
Colors blue and red
Track Name: Reburner

I know you're no one's holy oak
Or ghost
Or yellow, sad willow
When you fall down from the trees
Apples fall
To the dirt
To the ground
Down around your knees

I keep walking back to the circle of ash
I keep walking backwards on the left hand path
And I'm not just another burnout
And you're not just another burnout

I know you're name
Still haunts hallways
I haunted once the very same
Like sluts we have broken chains
Like chalk we have been erased

I keep walking back to the icicles
I keep walking back in concentric circles
Track Name: Summer in Black Lipstick
Summer in Black Lipstick

I want to hold your hands
All their lifelines
I don't see your knife
Hold you
And I come down to your ground
The soil can't seem to remember

I used to watch you run
Over the fence
I'm gonna find you soon
Oh witch you see your heart
Don't stop
The soul can bleed forever

I want to hold your arms
All their roots hidden under the earth
The sky comes down
All over your house
I died and seemed to remember
Track Name: So Secret, So Cool
So Secret, So Cool

All you ever wanted was to run
Away in your room
All I ever wanted was for you
To not run far
I've been throwing snowballs at your window
Let me in
We could sit and watch the snowfall melt
Again and again

So secret, so cool
No one, no one ever knew you
So secret so cool, so true
No one, no one
Ever got through to you
So secret, so cool

I've been watching that old slasher film
All night long
All the kids who die remind me of you
They always do
How they walk with their eyes open wide
Down dark hallways
Unafraid even when they die
You were so brave
Track Name: Scoliosis Poses
Scoliosis Poses

Cold and metal like a ghost
Always frozen
Cold metal around your throat
You were chosen

Holding scoliosis poses
In the dark
No camera will capture
The glow of your heart
Scoliosis poses
And polio scars
Shaking like white roses
Wrapped around your arms

Like animals in cages
As kids we used to play
Basements were our stages
Leaves in our hair
Track Name: James Dallas Egbert III
"James Dallas Egbert III"

Are you still down there somewhere?
Under the school corridors
Lost in the roots and arteries
A whole secret world to discover

Oh, James Dallas Egbert
We are still looking for you
We're still waiting for you to come home

Are you still down there somewhere?
We've been searching with torches
I think we found your castle
And the ashes of your library
Track Name: Killed by Leaves
"Killed by Leaves"

Doorways, attics and cupboards
These are the places our kingdoms lay
Soaked treasure maps in coffee
Drank root beer and smoked letters and names

They say she was taken by trees
She had seizures in sunlight
She was killed by leaves
When the kitchen seance ended
We let go of hands and bottled smoke bled free

Dropouts, uncles and lesbos
Cut paper softly like snow
Wake up when the record player skips
See shadows moving in stereo

They say crows pecked out her eyes
Hung them like jewels
She was killed by leaves
When the kitchen seance ended
We let go of hands
And danced around in sheets

We let go of hands
And danced around in the street
Track Name: Skinemax

I'll write a song
Don't wave a razor
In the room
I don't wanna do it again
I'm still alone
I'm still the same
Super spoiled

It's only softcore
Not true love
It's only front porch
Not real blood
It's only skinemax

Set it down
Don't wait for me to react
Don't read into it
I'm all out of ghosts
I'll be found snowing into you
Track Name: Smoke Can Wait
"Smoke can Wait"

You know the way the roads all get tangled
Like roots and braids
The snarls that make our crowns
Cut through the graves
Behind the homes we haunted
Kitchens and hallways
Are nerves and arteries

Smoke will wait another day
Dead grass will bloom for you
And grow so tall
Smoke can wait another day
Black rain will fall over you
And over us all

I understand your ways and don't wanna hurt you
Never surrender or give up
You're gonna make it
I'd runaway but the world's just dreams and endings
I'll raise the dead
Okay, I'll raise them for you
Track Name: December Rollercoaster
"December Rollercoaster"

All the trash around you is the trash I know
All the rotten Dutch elms and ragged oaks
All the trash your burning explains your glow
All the ash around you is your halo

Oh, your snow white house is the one light in the world
Everybody's dead
Everybody's dead but me and you

All the white trash glow it turns to gold
All the bleached silver burns like bone
All the cars we rode in don't go now
All the cars and trees go nowhere now